Person holding a banana in front of a dog
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

User experience design is highly dynamic, echoing uncertainty and value conflict in the problematic experiences in which we designers engage in. Our design inquiries are often through lived experiences, and for that reason, our role and responsibilities are critical to design. …

iPhone mockup sketched out in a renaissance theme

Newtonian ‘physics’ is experienced in graphical microinteractions as they appear to behave in accordance with one another. …

Abstracted representation of Apple’s iOS icon grid blooming

When interacting with today’s graphic user interfaces (GUI), we experience a sense of realism. As of now, certain aspects of realism (for example animations) create the appearance that user interface graphics behave in accordance with the physical laws of the living world.

When experiencing such aspects of realism in GUI…

Taner Olcay

Product UI/UX Designer at Jayway by Devoteam ─

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